Ominous Robots

Marisa Demarco
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Ominous Robots
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A while ago, I posted an image from this site called Photoshoppers hacked famous works of art to add gangsta bling. Since then, I’ve been following it avidly. I could spend all day on this site, for real, but I really shouldn’t. Beware, Worth1000 has serious time vacuum potential. Browsing the galleries reveals crazy eyes, arm lamps, bald celebs and Hendrix with an accordion, among heaps of other things.

I adore the
RoboRen 6 contest: famous art with added robot radity. I would have liked to credit the master photoshoppers who made these two images I posted. But they are listed as “hidden authors.”

To top it off, a friend sent me this nightmare-inducing robot dog video (below). The dog makes a hideous noise. And couldn’t they have given it a head?
Ominous Robots

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