On The Road, Again

Marfa, Austin, New Orleans, Portland And Some Places In Between

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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On the Road, Again
Waffle House!!!
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More than three weeks ago two friends and I struck out on a voyage by car. Amidst the threat of Hurricane Ike, we drove from Albuquerque to Marfa, Texas, via El Paso. Marfa is a cool little town in the Big Bend area in west Texas. There we found a neat old hotel, a juice shop/restaurant run by a Swiss woman and some Texas-y stuff. After spending only 12 hours in Marfa, we left for Austin, and due to hurricane-related road closures where fortuitously forced to stay two nights. Next we drove to New Orleans where I stayed for over a week until one of the friends and I flew to Portland, ambled around for a few days, then flew back to our respective homes. Here are some photos from the trip.

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Saluteing under the Texas flag.

El Paisano Hotel, where Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean stayed during the filming of Giant .

Built in 1930, El Paisano is a National Historic Landmark. And it’s not too expensive—$40 more bucks and we could’ve upgraded from the ho-hum, but friendly Riata Inn.

Marfa’s water tower and clouds.

The others took most of the Austin photos. I managed to capture Spuds MacKenzie at Lala’s, where it’s Christmas all year. You can’t see them in the photo, but there were two blond babes in bikinis and Santa hats next to that party dog.

Night in Old Luling, anyone?

Work by graffiti artist Banksy recently appeared around New Orleans. My Dad and I were driving by when we saw one being covered. After some crazy traffic maneuvers I was able to get this shot.

The study at the Ace Hotel in Portland. I highly recommend staying here if ever in PDX.

The view from the other side of the Ace’s study.

Portland, I love you.

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