Only In America

Amy Dalness
1 min read
Oh, the horror!
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This whole searching-for-terrorism-in-every-nook-and-corner thing is driving me crazy. Are we all really that paranoid? Yes. Yes we are. Take this lawsuit filed by a 88-year-old grandma in Delaware for example. It seems the postal worker mistook a box full of fruitcake for a bomb. OK, I guess I can forgive the postal worker for being cautious/over worried/doing his job, but the woman suing for emotional distress? If every American who has been accused, interrogated, frisked at airport security or otherwise met any inconvenience amidst our search filed a lawsuit seeking damages, our federal judiciary wouldn’t be albe to handle the load.

Then again, the other postal workers laughed at her and made her cry—and that’s just plain mean.

Then again, some might consider fruitcake as a Christmas gift an act of terrorism.
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