Opening Reception At Yale Art Center Tonight, 6Pm - 9Pm

Three Great Albuquerque Artists Present Collective Madness

Carl Petersen
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Art by Harry O. Morris
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A couple minutes ago, I noticed a postcard advertising an opening at the Yale Art Center for three of my favorite local artists: Harry O. Morris, Michael Hart, and Mark Woody.

Harry O. Morris, creator of the Silver Scarab Press, has a love for the macabre that oozes from his work. You may remember Alibi’s last Halloween issue where Harry and his wife Christine wrote a beautiful introduction to H. P. Lovecraft’s “Herbert West: Reanimator.” Harry and I share a passion for scary stuff and he has been a good friend over the years. He also enjoys a successful commercial career, creating art for numerous books and albums.

Michael Hart’s work, back in the 1980’s, would sometimes hang in the Frontier Gallery and I instantly became a lifelong fan. Back then, the Frontier Restaurant didn’t take up the whole block like it does now, and local artists could show their work in the one little side room. Hart’s alien landscapes and creatures made his work immediately accessable.

I’m less familiar with Mark Woody’s work, but I did have a beautiful little ‘zine called “Art Strip Comics” (it’s been missing for years) and I remember his contribution was my favorite both visually and lyrically.

Collective Madness will be showing April 2 through April 14 at the Yale Art Center, 1001 Yale Blvd. SE, 242-1699.
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