Operator Please Makes Musical Thunder From Down Under

Anne Artley
2 min read
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Foster’s and koalas shouldn’t be the only things we enjoy about Australia. This summer, the Australian indie band Operator Please released its second full- length album, Gloves . Few bands stay together after their high school “Battle of the Bands” contest, much less enjoy Top 40 status. But that’s just what happened to Operator Please, who came together at Elanora State High School in Queensland. The band started out as four teenagers aiming simply to deliver a performance that would guarantee them high school glory, but after they won the contest, they realized they might be on to something. Though the band is not well known here in the U.S., the single “Just A Song About Ping-Pong” debuted at #15 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart in 2007. OP songs keep listeners interested, as its two albums offer a combination of energetic beats and clever reflections: “So what are we to do when everybody’s got a soft spot for liquor and accessories?” croons lead singer Amandah Wilkinson in the song “Rocking Horse.” Check out the band’s first album, Yes Yes Vindictive (released 2008), then go on to Gloves .

My favorite songs: “Two For My Seconds” and “Leave it Alone”
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