Ortiz Y Pino’s Discarded Headlines

Marisa Demarco
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State Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino, a longtime Alibi columnist, penned an article on what it was like to lose the primary election. He faced five challengers in the race to become the Dems’ candidate for lieutenant governor in November. You can read his excellent column tomorrow in the dead-tree edition or here at alibi.com.

Initially, the headline for his piece was going to be: “Campaigning by the Numbers.” But I sent O y P an e-mail that said: Man, that headline is just not grabbing. It doesn’t say, "I’m a state senator who ran for lieutenant governor, and here’s a look at what the last year of my life was like."

He replied with great alternates, one of which I used. The senator has generously allowed me to share with you some of the headlines we didn’t go with:

The Senate Is More Fun Anyhow

15,000 Democrats Can be Wrong

Still a Bridesmaid

I’m a Lobo Fan: I’m Used to Losing

Way to have a sense of humor, sir.
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