Our Jeff Drew Is An Animal

Marisa Demarco
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Our Jeff Drew is an Animal
A still from “One Square Mile of Earth” animated by Jeff Drew and voiced by the Pajama Men.
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A quiet one.

I had no idea Jeff entered the Pangea Pictures animation contest—or that he won it. Then I get this news release, “Governor Richardson Announces Winners of the 2008 Governor’s Cup Short Animation Competition.”

Lo and behold, who took the cup? Jeff did for his collaboration with the Pajama Men. Together, they produced a short called “One Square Mile of Earth,” which the release has Jeff describing as “a cut-and-paste moving collage world filled with an array of furry, scaley and sometimes slimy characters.”

Little known fact about Jeff: He spent his early years drawing and redrawing pictures of KISS, which maybe explains why he’s drawn to those furry, scaley and slimey characters.

Though “One Square Mile of Earth” isn’t available for mass consumption, peruse the
animation page on Jeff’s website to see other examples of his stuff.

The winner in the National Geographic All Roads category is Frederick Aragon for
Coyote Tales: Mystery’s Night.”

Congratulations all around!
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