Out With The Mold

Laura Marrich
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Out With the Mold
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While rooting around the Alibi’s fridge yesterday, I noticed a fuzzy, blue film had overtaken someone’s Albuquerque Tortilla Company tortillas. I went ahead and threw them out. My reign of terror continued today as I expelled billions, maybe trillions, of Alibi colonists from the same spot. The carnage included:

• A snack bag of fuzzy red grapes

• Foil-wrapped slice of pizza, black mold

• A bag with two crushed hot dog buns, white and grey mold

• Homemade strawberry jam, dimple of bluish white mold

• Various ancient plastic ramekins of dressing, teriyaki, ketchup leftover from takeout—no mold, but we’re kidding ourselves if we think we’re going to use them.

Question: What’s the nastiest thing you’ve had to throw out from a fridge? (I pray it wasn’t as bad as the filth on moldysnack.com, where I swiped the hot dog photo.)

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