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Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Pajama Men News
Mark and Shenoah made up this backstage game called Zilch. A board and point system is drawn up on cardboard. Plastic hangars are used as bows, metal ones as arrows. Whoever looses buys the beer. (JCC)
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Yesterday I received an e-mail from pajama man, Alibi contributing writer and my, uh, really good friend, Mark Chavez. He reported that the boys received five stars and a glowing review in the London Times . This is a milestone for the hometown double act, currently in Scotland performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world’s largest theater festival.

The Chavez also reports that they got a little
New York Times press after an interesting turn of events. Mark’s brother, Chris Chavez, seeing that " Frugal Traveler," columnist, Matt Gross, was headed to Edinburgh, recommended via reader comment that he see The Pajama Men. Gross actually went to the show and wrote about them in his Edinburgh column.

Awesome! You guys are corn-tastic!
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