Palin Documentarian Lashes Out At Lauer

Simon McCormack
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Palin Documentarian Lashes Out at Lauer
John Ziegler
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John Ziegler wants the "Today Show’s" Matt Lauer to apologize for the "media misconception" that Sarah Palin is a moron.

said as much when he went on the "Today Show" to promote his new documentary "Media Malpractice." Ziegler contends Palin got a raw deal from the bias, Obama-obsessed media. Lauer responded to Ziegler by saying he couldn’t apologize for a statement he never made.

Ziegler admitted Lauer’s coverage of Sarah Palin was mostly fair, but said Lauer and Obama "had no trouble being in each-other’s personal space."

Lauer sarcastically apologized for getting along with the President.
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