Pedal To The Metal

Abi Blueher
1 min read
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I have a dear friend who has trouble driving. She hits things, luckily no serious damage has been done. Here are all of the things she has hit that I know of: a man in a wheel chair crossing Lomas, three parked cars and a dog—I was in the car and the dog lived. She also has some trouble parking. One time a woman called the cops because she took so long and so many tries to park outside of a school. The woman thought that she was under the influence of something. The cops came and she cried. The other memorable parking job she did was outside of the Frontier—you may know of the space, it’s the one that has a telephone pole somewhat blocking it. She parked the car decently but she couldn’t get out and multiple security guards had to help her get out of it.
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