Pi Day

3.14159265 ...

Laura Marrich
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And then there's Pi , directed by Darren Aronofsky.
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Today is March 14, or 3.14. Or, as many of us prefer to call it, Pi Day.

Pi Day is shamelessly geeky celebration of one of our greatest mathematic constants (dare I propose, perhaps second only to infinity itself?)

And why not celebrate it? What’s not to like about pi?

It trails on and on
forever— into a profound black hole of decimal obscurity. Yet the word itself is so cute, so curt—just two loaded little letters. Pi.

The symbol resembles a Hebrew letter, or an astrological figure, or a table, or a stick figure drawing of a dog with no head, or a lyre. Or anything. The pi symbol is like a cloud, constantly shifting beneath your own gaze, even more so when the drugs you took start to peak.

And, of course, the word "pi" sounds an awful lot like the word "pie." And any excuse to eat pie is a good excuse to eat pie.

So, what does one do on Pi Day?
Well …

Alibi Staff Writer Marisa Demarco is celebrating with a "Pi Day Run." I’m assuming this means running for 3.14 miles, not eating pie while running. Too bad.

• While National Pie Day is actually on January 23, you can still celebrate Pi Day with this list of suggestions from the American Pie Council. Most involve overzealously eating or sharing pie. (An actual example: "What better way to say thanks than with a warm hug wrapped in a delicious crust?")

• Believe it or not, it’s Albert Einstein’s birthday today. A rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday Dear Albert" is in order.

• 1) Search the
Alibi online Chowtown database for the word "pie" (I’m pleased to discover this pulls up results for pizza pie as well). 2) Eat at one of the restaurants it recommends. 3) Repeat infinitely, because that is the nature of pi.

• Unfortunately, it’s too late to call in sick and day trip down to to Pie Town. But you
can start planning for next year.

• Fritter away the rest of your workday, waist-deep in the links listed at the bottom of Pi Day’s Wikipedia page.
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