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Jc’s New York Pizza Department Reshuffles The Big Cheese In A Happy Way

Nick Brown
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It doesn’t taste any different.
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JC’s New York Pizza Department (formerly NYPD, but still in the heart of downtown at 215 Central NW) is restructuring its ownership, as announced at an employee meeting last week. Joaquin Garofalo will buy out co-owner Carrie Eagle (JC-get it?) for her portion of the business and continue to run the establishment expertly with no anticipated changes to its superb cuisine.

Both Joaquin and Carrie are happy about the decision and feel that it will ultimately benefit the company. Carrie will leave the company in March, after tying up some loose ends in the company’s schtick, and set her sights on higher education and an eventual move to Florida (the Sunshine State). Carrie also hopes to work with established local restaurants in the coming months to shift her expertise from pizza to fine dining. Joaquin is comfortable about running JC’s solo and speaks highly of both Carrie and the work she’s done. There’s no dirt to shovel, here.

JC’s New York Pizza Department is the new name for NYPD (New York Pizza Department) after a national chain of the same name (NYPD) moved into Burque’s west side. They were forced to change names because of federal trademark issues (just like NuCity had to become Alibi many years ago).

A little bird told me this is Joaquin’s birthday. Happy birthday, mang.

Joaquin and Carrie bought out founder Albert Billotti (who started Kanome, which closed and became Graze, at 3128 Central SE, which closed within the last week or so) some time in 2005. Al went on to found Slate Street (515 Slate Street NW), which is enjoying an active and well deserved patronage.

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