“Please Occupy Us!”

Hayley Shoemaker
2 min read
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President Bush visited what could be the world’s most pro-American country this past weekend while on his European tour. Yep—a European country may actually love us more than we love ourselves.

As one of the first countries to send forces to join America’s troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq, Albania has consistently supported American policy. As it happens, they also dig our cornbread names. Bill and Hillary have been a few of the most popular baby names since the end of the cold war and some anticipate a string of baby Georges to spring up due to his recent visit.

Albania went all out in preparing for Bush’s tour of Tirana. A street was named for him, commemorative stamps were printed and their Parliament passed a bill allowing “American forces to engage in any kind of operation, including the use of force, in order to provide security for the president.”

All that said, it came as a shock to hear that a sly Albanian stole President Bush’s watch right off of his wrist during a walkabout. Bold. Very bold. Although several reports deny this, the video seems to prove otherwise. I’d keep a lookout on Ebay.
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