Pnm's "Cleaner, Renewable Energy"

Pnm's "Cleaner, Renewable Energy"

Clemence Schaumberg
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What will run your refrigerator?
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If you didn’t open your PNM bill this month, this is basically what their pamphlet had to say.

There is a requirement according to the NMPRC that 6% of PNM’s energy come from renewable resources by 2010 and 10% by 2011. PNM is proposing the use of biogas in existing power-generation facilities to help meet this requirement. The biogas fuel would come from livestock waste and PNM says this would benefit the livestock and dairy industry. They are also planning access to more wind and solar generation facilities for 2011.

PNM hopes to find a balance between cleaner sources of energy and affordability, stating that while wind and sun are free resources, the facilities needed to harvest and convert them into electricity are much more expensive than gas and coal facilities.

What do you feel New Mexico should be doing about our energy plans? Have the winds changed since
our last discussion?
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