Podcasts We Like #1

Stuff You Should Know

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Podcasts We Like #1
Chuck and Josh of Stuff You Should Know.
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This past weekend most of my time was spent in a car riding back to Albuquerque from New Orleans. That’s 19 hours, folks. Luckily my road trip mate downloaded hours and hours of podcasts, quelling any temptation to settle for crackling sermons, “Come Sail Away” by Styx (though that’s a killer tune ) or—shudder— conversation .

There’s a vast cyber-world with untold podcast excellence out there. It makes sense that us
Alibi folks should share our favorites, especially in this season of road trips. At the moment I am most fond of the Stuff You Should Know podcast from How Stuff Works. Hosts Chuck and Josh tackle fun subjects while cracking wise in episodes like “What’s a Hangover?,” “Body Farms,” “Is the Necronomicon Real?,” “10 Odd Town Festivals” and “Do Zombies Exist?” Subscribe for free via iTunes.
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