Poll: Best Council Hair

Marisa Demarco
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Poll: Best Council hair
Jack Rex, who represented District 8 from 1974-1975, sports sweet hair, sweet glasses, a sweet turtleneck and an awesome jacket.
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Behold! The city councilor archive.

While voters mentally weigh the heavy concerns of our city today at
any of 49 polling centers, I am struck by yet another important question.

[poll]Which Council district has enjoyed, over time, the best hair? (See archive link above to compare)

[option]District 1

[option]District 2

[option]District 3

[option]District 4

[option]District 5

[option]District 6

[option]District 7

[option]District 8

[option]District 9



Find out what district you’re in

And is it just me, or have hairdos gotten more boring in the last decade or so?
Poll: Best Council hair

Jo MacAleese, who represented District 7 from 1977-1981, had a luxurious mane.

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