Poor Fellas

Steven Robert Allen
2 min read
I’m so sorry, Alberto. But this might be where we say goodbye.
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Poor George. Poor Dick. Poor Karl. Life was so much easier back in the days, just a few short months ago, when they could do whatever the hell they wanted and never have to lose a moments sleep over the possibility that they’d somehow be held accountable.

It’s a brand new day. Whoever thought the investigation into the U.S. attorney scandal would go so far? Right now, it looks like we might have a full-blown constitutional crisis on our hands with Congress and the White House sparring over whether Karl Rove and Harriet Myers should testify under oath about their roles in the debacle. Subpoenas will probably be issued, and if the White House balks, the matter might end up in federal court. Meanwhile even some Republicans are now saying that Alberto Gonzales will have to step down as attorney general. It’s gettin’ hot. It’s gettin’ heavy. It’s a little shocking to witness this after six long, painful years during which the White House seemed totally untouchable.

As far as the local angle goes, all the whining about David Iglesias’ supposed incompetence in prosecuting voter fraud cases here in New Mexico makes even less sense following the new revelation that he was recognized as an expert in the area by the very Justice Department that fired him. He was apparently one of two federal prosecutors invited to teach at a voting fraud symposium in 2005. (Of course, hearing Republicans complain about voter fraud makes this affair even more hilarious.)

Anyway, I’ve never felt more patriotic. It seems like The System, for all its flaws, is finally working as it should.
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