Poor Marty

Christie Chisholm
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This guy just can't seem to steer clear from local scandals. It seems just about every one that pops up in our beautiful yet somewhat politically corrupt city has his name written all over it, or at least placed somewhere tidily in the footnotes. Earlier this week, Marty had to churn his political wheels yet again to keep himself distanced from the recent debacle with the state treasurer's office.

Apparently, on Aug. 15, Angelo Garcia, the man who pled guilty to being the middle-man in the state treasurer's alleged kick-back scheme, hosted a little fundraising party for the mayor. Garcia was also charged, by the way, with defrauding the elderly out of nearly $1 million. A connection to Garcia could seriously injure Marty in his exorbitant campaign, especially when popping up so close to the election.

Marty swears he had no idea the fundraiser was being held at Garcia's abode, and says that he doesn't remember ever meeting the man, although admits that he must have somewhere along the line. However, he is adamant that he has not met with him since the event.

In an effort to rinse off the residue of the connection, the mayor's returning all of the money contributed to his campaign from that evening, a total which he says is under $10,000 (but a scratch off his bulging $1 million war chest). Knowing Marty, his effort will likely pay off.

I'd elaborate, but luckily, Marston Moore from Duke City Fix has already done that for me. He gives an outstanding, in depth critique of the situation here http://www.dukecityfix.com/index.php?itemid=947.

Read other media coverage at KRQE's website http://krqe.com/expanded.asp?ID=12228, and at KOBTV http://www.kobtv.com/index.cfm?viewer=storyviewer&id=21867&cat=NMTOPSTORIES, as well as a story done by Erik Siemers at the Tribune http://www.abqtrib.com/albq/nw_local_state_government/article/0,2564,ALBQ_19859_4113021,00.html.

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