Primary Numbers

Steven Robert Allen
2 min read
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The primary election is over, for the most part. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most important races.

U.S. Senate (Republican primary): Farmington doctor Allen McCulloch surprisingly beat the crap out of his competition. Hopefully, Bingaman will be the crap out of him in November.

Secretary of State (Democratic primary): Bernalillo County Clerk Mary Herrera won this one. She’s smart and experienced, but I’m a little worried about her victory given the bumpy elections we’ve had in the county under her watch. She’ll be an easy target for criticism in the Nov. general election.

State Auditor (Democratic primary): Jeff Armijo wins. Not a good result. Armijo is well-connected politically, but he lacks the experience of his opponent Thomas Buckner.

Land Commissioner (Democratic primary): Jim Baca is currently ahead of Ray Powell by a very narrow margin. Let’s hope it stays that way. Go Jim!

Attorney General (Democratic primary): Gary King easily wins this one. A good result.

In non-statewide races, Alan Armijo will maintain his seat as county commissioner for District 1, but by a surprisingly small margin. Looks like Carol K. Sloan (who snubbed us during our candidate interviews) will win for the PRC District 4. And Jose E. Chavez gets the Democratic nomination for county sheriff, beating out the ubiquitous Geraldine Amato. For full (but still unofficial) results, go to the secretary of state’s website.
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