Progressives Fight The Faux-Left

Simon McCormack
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Progressives Fight the Faux-Left
Pseudo-Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh
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The Campaign for America’s Future launched today to target centrist Democrats in Congress. The project is designed to bring to light the conservative votes cast by many less-than progressive Democrats, particularly when those votes benefit special interests.

It’s time Democrats started behaving like the party in power, instead of reaching across the aisle to their Republican colleagues at every turn. The November elections showed people are ready to support left-leaning policies. For Democrats to continually live in fear of what progressive politics stands for is unacceptable.

The Republicans will always oppose Democratic-backed legislation because that’s what the minority party is supposed to do. Compromise is not in their best interest, so holding out an olive branch to entice them over to the other side is an act of futility.

Democrats need to give the people what they voted for.
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