Protesting The All-Ages Ban

Jeremy McCollum
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The Alibi has just gotten word on a few protests being organized by people who are opposing the City’s all-ages ban…

1) Saturday night (Aug. 20th), the Goth community is holding a funeral march down Central Ave. beginning at 9:00 p.m. Participants are meeting in the parking lot behind the Launchpad. This is a peaceful march and participants will have “tombstones” for picket signs.

2) Organizers are working to put together a free music rally on Civic Plaza the night before the hearings. (Thursday, August 26th) Because of the time constraint, organizers may or may not be able to get a permit for Civic Plaza. If not, they will be out on the 4th Street Mall. In addition to music, there will be another march.

3) A march is planned on the sidewalk around Civic Plaza on the morning of the hearing Friday, August 26th at 8:45 am.

If you would like updates on this issue, or have questions please email

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