Psychedelic Jazz-Rock Fusion Video Of The Day Vii

Jerry Cornelius
1 min read
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Lucky number 7 out of 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 is another one of those nicely-videographed performances from Der Beat-Club, this one featuring shaggy thunder gods, Amon Düül II, showing all these so-called “stoner rock” bands how the fuck it is done. ADII’s krautrock discography includes such monumental slabs as Phallus Dei (yes, that’d be translated “Penis of God”) and (take note, Nick Brown) Yeti, a double LP that Julian Cope calls one of “the top 50 albums of all time, ever” because it so utterly “destroys the credibility of so many of the so-called ‘great’ progressive bands of this era.” ADII were the “real” musicians who split off from the LSD-taking hippies of Amon Düül I and selflessly devoted themselves to a take-no-prisoners form of heavy, improvised acid rock with eye-shaking results. (Here’s another, higher-quality clip from the same performance, which mean old YouTube won’t let me embed.)
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