Psycho Killer ...

Qu'est-Ce Que C'est ?

Sam Adams
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Psycho killer ...
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There was a strange point in my adolescence where a friend and I had an obsession with the Psycho movie series. Series, you ask? Yep, 23 years after the Hitchcock classic came out, a low-budget sequel was released (and then a few more). What kept it interesting was that Anthony Perkins (aka Norman Bates) had stayed on board.

Anthony Perkins was a weird guy. Either that, or he was just really good at playing one. More than being just a perverted, serial-killing momma’s boy,
Psycho II introduced us to Bates’ penchant for whole milk. It was a fucked up movie.

But according to John Bear, it was no less misguided than
Manuel Muñoz’ What You See in the Dark, a book about the making of Psycho , which Bear reviewed for this week’s Arts section.
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