Punch The Clock ... In The Mouth

Punch The Clock ... In The Mouth

Marisa Demarco
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Punch the Clock ... in the Mouth
(David Fullarton)
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Come one officemate, come all. Roll your boulder to Sisyphus Office. Jonn Herschend organized artists around Houston to go into offices and create works about seeing “the comedy in the tragedy of the day to day … and then waking up again to do the same thing all over again the next morning.”

Artist David Fullarton went into a radio station’s digs and pinned up notices made entirely of office supplies. They’re rad.

We should all do this. Take 10 minutes to play with those office supplies you hoard and make something that acknowledges the strange state of the cubicle dweller. Pin it up somewhere. Maybe in the bathroom. Maybe by the water cooler. Maybe under the coffee pot. Maybe somewhere that will get you fired.

Punch the Clock ... in the Mouth

David Fullarton

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