Puppy Love—Now Even Cheaper!

Unconditional Love At Outrageous Prices

Laura Marrich
1 min read
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I got two kittens from the pound last week—tiny black and white siblings, one boy and one little girl. They were asleep in each other's arms when we first saw them. Cute! Anyhow, it's the perfect time to snatch up a few critters of your own because now through July 31, Animal Services (aka the pound people) are offering a discount on all adopted animals in their shelters. Because I was impatient and in love, I stupidly paid $82 bucks per kitty (which is actually still cheaper than getting a free animal through the classifieds and covering the preliminary vet bills by yourself.) But had I waited until now, each one would have cost us just $45 a pop. What's more, already spayed or neutered animals are $32—all the time. At these prices, you can afford to pick up quite a few puppies indeed. Log on to http://www.cabq.gov/pets/index.html for details and shelter locations.

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