Erin Adair-Hodges
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While most of us locals have strained against the city government’s misguided and possibly drug-induced urge to fashion our burg as "The Q," the powers on high haven’t listened. After all, the branding of Burque as The Q by an ad company isn’t for us; for whatever reason, we already live here. Done deal. It’s for the people in the rest of the country: their tourism, their business, their attention, their moolah.

So it’s interesting that we now have evidence that people outside of Albuquerque, with no vested interest in what we call ourselves, think The Q is moronic. And these people are none other than Bob Edwards (award-winning former host of NPR’s "Morning Edition") and muckracker Amy Goodman, host of "Democracy Now." Check out
Edwards’ interview with Goodman, a thoughtful discussion on war and the media, which happens to begin with both Goodman and Edwards literally mocking the quazee queerness (and not in the good way) of Q-dom.

Can we stop it NOW?
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