Q Is For Queer, And That’s All It Should Stand For, Ok Chavez?!?!?

Erin McCullough
1 min read
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Went to the Pride parade this weekend. And by Albuquerque standards, it was pretty awesome. My favorite entrants (besides the Alibi ’s Gays in Space float) were the Raging Grandmas, replete with big hats, long skirts and feisty wisdom.

One of the largest contingents of the parade was Mayor Marty and his Minions. I really want to give him credit for coming out to support, however, I cannot. It seemed pandering. Maybe I’m wrong. Probably not.

Not only did he have a float with your standard gay dance mix blaring from the plastic palm trees, but there were dozens of followers trailing slavishly after the float. Which prompted me to lean over to my partner and say, “Jeez. Check out who drank the Q-ool Aid.” This comment is exactly as funny as it seems.

I was so impressed by my bon-mot that I shared it with my co-workers this morning. After we laughed, Simon McCormack warned me that I’d better keep a comment like that to myself or I could wind up in a work camp.

“More like a Q-lag,” I said. Am I right, people?!
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