Q Jam Review

Simon McCormack
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Q Jam Review
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The Gin Blossoms could have demanded the Q Jam audience sit and listen to all of the band’s latest material.

The show was free, so nobody could claim they didn’t get their money’s worth (although our tax dollars probably paid for the band’s time). The crowd was amicable, and there was nobody who looked like they would have started throwing glass bottles at the Gin Blossoms if they didn’t hear "Follow You Down."

But the Gin Blossoms are a band of the people, and the people got what they came for. All five of the band’s Billboard Top 100 singles got a turn, and the GB’s closed with "Hey Jealousy."

As for the Q Jam itself, maybe I got their too late, but there weren’t a tremendous number of booths. Most of the companies seemed like they were either pretending to be "green" or selling something that might be "green" but doesn’t actually serve any useful function.

Also, when are we getting those green trash bins Marty? Thank you for bringing the Gin Blossoms.
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