R.i.p. R.k. Sloane

Carl Petersen
1 min read
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Albuquerque lost one of its greatest artists on Friday when R.K. Sloane passed away in a Los Angeles hospital. His distinctive eye for the creepy earned him millions of fans worldwide.

I never got to know Rick super well, but he was always nice to me when I saw him. I was in a psychedelic band (the Crawling Walls) back in the mid-80’s. Rick and his wife Teri made all of our posters for us.

Once I saw him at a gallery opening where he was sort of lurking in the shadows with dark glasses on. When I talked to him he carefully kept one side of his face turned away from me, but from the glimpses I caught I could tell he had been beaten badly. Later in the night, he let me in on the joke: a visiting friend who did special effects in Hollywood had done his face up. Rick was just playing the part… perfectly.
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