Radio Toasters, Hamburger Lighters And Soap Shakers

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
Ours is yellow, and therefore classier.
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We did a lot of our shopping at Pic N’ Save, back in the day, which became MacFrugals and today has been knighted BigLots!

The best part of strolling the aisles of your neighborhood discount store (aside from the obvious $1 deals on, say, wacky nosebleed-inducing, ammonia-smelling toilet cleaner), was all the truly bizarre stuff.

It used to be only overflow from other stores on the shelves. There would be nine Bel Biv DeVoe cassette tapes for $2, and that was it. There wouldn’t be any more coming in. The limitation created a kind of junk urgency, i.e. “I need this junk right now or maybe someone else will buy this junk and then I won’t be the proud owner of this particular item of junk.”

Onward! To the point! There is a BigLots! museum. Via Jeff Drew, said museum yielded for our office one totally wicked radio-toaster. It’s a little confusing which dials affect your toast and which ones change the station, but we worked it out. The jams were good. The resulting toast was as delicious as ever, though the top half didn’t brown as much as bottom half.

It bodes well for these other BigLots! museum finds.

Sure, baby, I’ve got a lighter ...

It doesn’t look like much, but the “Shower Buzz” shakes your soap for you to create a frothy lather. Gone are the days of immobile soap.

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