Random Celebrities I’ve Had Inexplicable Crushes On

Edith P. Giblets
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Random Celebrities IÕve Had Inexplicable Crushes On
Meow. L’chaim!
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I am not proud of it, nor can I explain it, but sometimes I develop an “interest” in a celebrity that no one else I know finds attractive or even has heard of. It’s not a “let’s do it to me, baby”-type deal, but more of a “why am I thinking about this person and interested in that really terrible movie he’s in, and now I’m watching this movie even though Sally Kirkland is in it, and that’s rarely a good sign” thing. These are some past examples.

Mandy Patinkin. Not Princess Bride Mandy Patinkin, either. Yentl Patinkin. Also Impromptu Patinkin.

Stephen Dorff. This one I really can’t figure out. The guy seems like a chode. And he’s short. All I can think of is that he played Stu Sutcliffe in Backbeat, about the early days of the Beatles. So in the mid-’90s, I kept watching crap this guy was in, which was terrible. Also, the guy who played John Lennon was the brother of a gal who was dating my friend from Israel.

Sam Waterston. So good in The Man in the Moon, Reese Witherspoon’s first movie. He’s just so lean and wise!

Weird or embarassing crushes, people of the Internet?
Random Celebrities IÕve Had Inexplicable Crushes On

Fake Beatles. Close enough.

Random Celebrities IÕve Had Inexplicable Crushes On

I think he would understand me.

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