Christie Chisholm
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A screenshot from Ravelry
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When I turned 25, I attempted to do 25 things I’d never done before over the course of two months. (I was inspired by News Editor Marisa Demarco, who tries to do at least one new thing on her birthday every year.) On that list were a random assortment of giddy and impractical things—jumping on a pogo stick, flying in a hot-air balloon … knitting a hat. But the last one knit-purled its way into my heart.

If you understand the language of k tbl, p2tog, ssk and cdd, you’ll fall in love with
Ravelry. It’s still in its Beta stage, and so you need an invite to join (remember Gmail in the old days?). But you can easily request one on the site. In the name of Kim Hargreaves, it’s worth it.

P.S. If you want to check it out before you get your invite, here’s the
screenshot tour and the Ravelry blog.
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