Redemption Song

Michael Sanchez
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Redemption Song
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If most of us love a tragic story, there’s very little that we love more than the story of the come back from that tragedy. And right now, there’s no greater come back in the national sport that Michael Vick.

Michael Vick was Kanye West before Mr. West ran on stage to interrupt Taylor Swift. With the short national memory, some people might have forgotten about
Vick’s prison sentence. When Vick was found guilty and shipped off to jail, he was absolutely despised by the nation. There was next to no one who would even think about defending him, and it was thought by some that he might even be done with the NFL for good.

However, the nation loves the chance for a man to be redeemed and so, with
Donovan McNabb traded to the Washington Redskins, Kevin Kolb knocked out by a concussion, Vick has had a chance to shine. He’s getting the job of starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Vick had his share of trouble even before he went to jail. There were rumors constantly swirling about him that he wasn’t a true quarterback, that he was more prone to run the ball himself than to actually toss it to his receivers. He’d flipped off the fans in New Orleans and he’d had a
negligence and battery lawsuit filed against him.

But now, he’s getting another chance to shine. He’s performed well in the six quarters that he’s been in the position for the Eagles thus far.
That is not to say there are no questions—or doubters. But the chances are pretty high that he’ll do well in this position for this season. The real question becomes: What will this mean for Vick and for the NFL in general?

Be sure to tune in this weekend as the Eagles get tested by the Jacksonville Jaguars and see how the saga continues to play out.
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