Remembering Maisha Baton

Erin Adair-Hodges
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Remembering Maisha Baton
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Albuquerque poet and UNM professor Maisha Baton passed at the end of 2009, losing a battle with cancer. Originally from Pennsylvania, Baton became one of the guiding lights of education and the arts in our community. On Sunday, Feb. 21, join the people who knew and loved the poet, playwright and historian at a tribute to, and celebration of, her important life. Do Remember Me: Life and Times of Maisha Baton will be held from 2 to 5 p.m. at the SUB Ballroom at UNM.

Here’s just a few of Baton’s impressive accomplishments: she was a professor in the
Africana Studies dept. and Honors Program. She published four books of poetry, was an expert on the New Mexico town of Blackdom (where African-Americans from other parts of the U.S. came to escape lives of hardship and persecution), saw three plays staged and much, much more.

The event on Sunday will see Virginia Hampton’s theater group present a scene from one of Baton’s plays. Musicians and dancers will also perform. A score of local poets will read from Baton’s work, poets such as: Hakim Bellamy, Margaret Randall, Larry Goodell, Gary Brower, Doris Fields, Enid Howarth, Richard Oyama, Greta Pullen, Emanuelle Ste.-Michelle, Lisa Gill and Mary Oishi. Copies of Baton’s last book of poetry,
Sketches (published last year by West End Press) will be available for purchase. Proceeds will go to benefit her family.

Baton was a rare force, one that we are indescribably lucky to have been blessed with. Even if you’re unfamiliar, or maybe especially if you’re unfamiliar, with Baton or her work, attend. See what an awesome impact she made, and let it inspire you to try to do the same.
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