Resistance Is Futile

Apple Is The Borg

Amy Dalness
2 min read
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Never, ever ever ever leave you iPod alone. It must be strapped to your side, nuzzled at your hip or hitching along in your tote bag at all times. You can plug it into these new jeans by Levi that will show you're not only media savvy but fashion savvy as well . If wires in your jeans are too passé, how about a hand bag that plugs into your little pod o’tunes, providing you with the boom box of the new millennium

If it’s cold outside, don’t dispare! Plug it into your jacket, keep your ears warm with a beat and shield your hands from the cold when you need to skip over the David Bowie that someone snuck onto your play list

And if you can’t get your groove on without Barry Manilow but your girlie won’t have it, then ask for a pair of these for Valentines day so you can both enjoy the evening Or, if you both love Barry, then outfit your bed, pod style The matching armoire and vanity are sure to follow.

Maybe after a night of lovin', you’ll need one of these

However you choose to iPod, keep your listeners sharp and TURN THE VOLUME DOWN

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