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Local Record Store And Corporate Radio Station Go To Jesus In The Same Week!

Michael Henningsen
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Last Friday, Dec. 31, was the last day of business at Merlin's Record Workshop, a longtime refuge for record collectors, vinyl freaks and concert-ticket buyers located in the Heights on Menaul near Juan Tabo. We at the Alibi sadly lament the passing of yet another locally owned, mom 'n' pop record store while most of the rest of the Burque population continues to buy its music at Hastings and Walmart without even a twinge of guilt.

In other news … Citadel Communications-owned 103.3 The Zone radio station disappeared last week without warning or explanation, becoming 103.3 FReD FM in a heartbeat. The new format includes all the REO Speedwagon any human being could possibly be expected to stomach and nary a trace of Zone morning show hosts Moxey and Missile. Citadel has yet to cough up an explanation for the switch in format, but Citadel General Manager Milt McConnel told the Journal yesterday that Michael Moxey is under contract and that the company is actively searching for a new position for him at another Citadel station. McConnel didn't specify whether the new station would be in Albuquerque or elsewhere in the country. The 103.3 FReD FM splash page simply exclaims: “Playing stuff we like and taking our time making a website.” Gee, thanks. Apparently “we,” is a team of balding suits who haven't purchased or listened to a new record since High Infidelity came out. Presumably, FReD stands for what many of us feel about the state of the airwaves in Albuquerque: Fucking Radio eats Dick.

More to come as soon as I get a call back, but one thing is clear: corporate radio is all about the bottom line, not about the music or listeners. If more Foreigner IV listeners have proved in some market somewhere to purchase more bongs from some franchised head shop, then you can bet some corporate radio station owner is going to format a station in another market to capture that advertising revenue.

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