Richard Maitland Is A Steampunk

Details On His Closing Reception Tomorrow And Some Photo Outtakes

Sam Adams
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Richard Maitland is a steampunk
Richard Maitland at home. (Sam Adams)
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Last week we ran a story on artist Richard Maitland and his show, Collected Memories , on display at Gallerie Imaginarium (301 Central NW, entrance on Third Street). The list of showbiz stars Maitland collaborated with and befriended throughout his career is extensive, and the 86-year-old can talk about them with flair and gusto all day.

One anecdote that we didn’t mention is Maitland’s passion for an arguably more current movement. He says he had a bit of an awakening when he read our
steampunk feature in July. “I said, My God! I’m a steampunker," says Maitland, a self-proclaimed lover of Victoriana and an obsessive collector.

If you stop by Gallerie Imaginarium tomorrow between 5 and 7 p.m., you should take the time to catch up with him. Just look for the best-dressed gent in the house. Here are some photos I took at his Rio Rancho home:

Richard Maitland is a steampunk

Maitland holds a photo of himself in his Broadway days.

Richard Maitland is a steampunk

Playing the ukulele

Richard Maitland is a steampunk

Detail from a photo signed to Maitland by Marilyn Monroe when he worked with her on Brigadoon .

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