Ride The Internet Craze

Amanda N. Dales
2 min read
Ride the craze! Yee haw!
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Love it or hate it, blogs are a very popular form of communication. Someone posted this old article last night on their MySpace page (of all ironic things). The article details the latest Internet crazes, especially in the teen market, and how trying to ride the Internet market bubble is tricky business.

To all the companies who try to ride the teen Internet crazes: Sorry.

Internet giant Google spent $900 million just to advertise on MySpace. Companies complain the youth market is "constantly looking for new ways to communicate and share content they find or create, and because of that group mentality, friends shift from service to service in blocs." I hate to break it to these companies, but the teen market will always be "powerful but fickle."  Even me, with my relatively stunted computer skills, made the switch from Xanga to MySpace to Facebook. Companies need to realize web investments are still risky, especially when dealing with a market niche that isn’t loyal because they don’t know what they want.

Now it is rumored that Facebook plans to open its tightly controlled site to outside widgets, which allow users to embed outside audio, video and other content onto their profile pages, just as MySpace tightens up its widget policies. These two sites could come to resemble each other a
whole lot more. Perhaps the change will balance user time on the two sites, but maybe not. Will people get tired of this craze altogether? Google certainly hopes not. But for those of you who have already sold your cyber soul to Facebook, go search the events schedule for the Alibi Spring Crawl lineup.     
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