Road Closures For “Game” Filming This Weekend

Marisa Demarco
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Road Closures for ÒGameÓ Filming This Weekend
Grrr. I’m Gerard Butler and I’m in “Game.” Grrr.
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We got a letter from Frank Moschiano who lives in the 6th Street Lofts and is more than annoyed by the filming Downtown for the movie “Game.” I called him, thinking of doing a story, and he left me a message with some strong words regarding the filming. Since there will be more street blockages this weekend, I thought it might be better to post the letter and filming plans here.

From the letter:

“Just thought you’d want to know that the 6th Street Lofts is in virtual lockdown. Sixth Street and Gold Ave are totally blocked to vehicle or pedestrian traffic. Upon leaving our condo building, an officer is stationed outside the door on 6th, at the alley, and asks us where we are going. (The officer – Drexler – is incredibly friendly & cooperative, by the way). Unfortunately, it is impossible to get out of our parking garage without a police escort. We have to maneuver through the alley between 6th and 7th and wait for the officer to remove the barricades.”

Moschiano goes on to say the inconvenience is particularly difficult for working people trying to run errands on the weekend and for Downtown businesses.

“Given recent negative media coverage of the financial considerations given to the film industry, this is just another example of arrogance and hubris.”

Then he makes a snotty comment about Albuquerqueans not being able to understand the word “hubris,” but whatever.

Here’s snippets from the notice about the road closures from the film’s location manager:

“We have several scenes that take place on 5th Street between Central and Marquette on the weekend of Jan. 26 and 27. There will be 24-hour security present throughout our work. We will begin to prep the locations starting at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 25. These street closures will be removed by 6 am on Monday, Jan. 28.

In order to conduct our work in a safe manner we have requested the following street closures for the Jan. 26 and 27.

> Close 5th Street from Central to Marquette

> Close Copper from 5th Street to the entrance of the parking garage on the South side between 3rd and 5th.

>Close Tijeras from 6th to the entrance of the Hyatt, making Tijeras from the Hyatt to 3rd street two-way direction traffic.

>Close Marquette from 6th to 4th.

The Police Department will also be doing intermittent traffic control on 5th between Lomas and Marquette. For More information from the city, you may contact Ann Lerner at the City of Albuquerque Film Office at 505.401.8761.”

It sounds like there will be special effects, stunts, vehicles and snowplows traveling at high speeds, smoke, gunfire and explosions. That’s kind of cool.
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