Ron E Howard Answers Your Questions

John Millington
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Ron E Howard answers your questions
By this red hair I rule
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While in the parking lot of the Kull O’Brien show, we spotted Ron E Howard, the adventure story author who turned TV actor who turned movie director. Ol’ Two-Gun Opie graciously took some time away from pimping Backdraft 2: Black Stone of the Fire God to answer your top three questions.

How did you meet Andy Griffith?

I met Andy at a boxing match. He towered over me and had a wicked left with destruction writ all over it, but I mauled him pretty good with my twin sledgehammers. The bout became a lifetime bond, and I was honored when he asked me to play his son on his TV show.

What did you think of Fonzie’s jump over the shark?

I despise people who tease animals. They are the scum of the earth.

Has your film success helped your writing career?

Success!? When the studio showed me the first draft of Apollo 13, I could scarcely believe it. There wasn’t a single fight scene. This was supposed to be a story about cunning men of action in the face of annihilation, and all these characters are just sittin’ there taking it. I begged Universal: at least let’s give Tom Hanks’ character a sword, so that he can do something about the Picts’ rival lunar mission. They said, "oh, we hadn’t thought about that" and then took out the Picts. Don’t even get me started on what they did with the screenplay adaptations of my own stories. Cowboy Coccoon, Da Vinci’s Codex Mortis, A Beautiful Axe, Frost/Conan: they still let me direct, but the movie plots are so butchered that I still can’t really think of them as “mine.”

It wasn’t until Backdraft 2 that I’ve finally been able to do things My Way. So we’ll see how it goes. Ask me again next year.
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