Rooster Roundabout: This Week’s Music Highlights

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Rooster Roundabout: This weekÕs music highlights
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Cobain’s palette

In case you were interested in Kurt Cobain’s music tastes pre-Nirvana fame, then this might do you some good. A mixtape, titled
Montage of Heck, has surfaced and been made available online. It features soundscapes, tunes and clips from a wide array of musicians, including Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Jackson Five, James Brown, Simon & Garfunkel and more. Head to NME to read more ’bout that, and have a listen to the mixtape below.

You heard it from Cyndi

While I’m not a Redditor, I’m often fascinated by the types of questions/answers that come up for various celebrities who take the time to do their popular AMA series, during which Redditors can ask them all types of questions, and they pick and choose which ones to answer. Some are funny, some are dumb, but mostly the answers are the main draw. Cyndi Lauper can now be added to the list of music celebs (or celebs in general) who’ve answered the questions their fans have been dying to ask. So head to
Reddit to read about the time she ate a squirrel, her desire to work with Charlie Musselwhite and more.

A place to hang your coats

Maybe it’s a case of aural déjà vu because for the past few months Atlanta punkers The Coathangers have been appearing before my eyes over and over again. And every time I read about them, I feel worse and worse that I’ve not yet listened any of their tunes (aside from the one I’m writing about today) because I’ve heard nothing but good things about this group. That’s my spiel; onto the point! The Coathangers recently covered the track “
Sex Beat” by LA group the Gun Club, and they’re releasing it on a split 7” with a song by These Arms Are Snakes. Reading that the song is a “blast” was an understatement; it’s an utter killer. Have a listen below.

The Queen of Country returns

Oh, snap yall! Loretta Lynn is back! After releasing her stellar album
Van Lear Rose in 2004, she’s finally going to be releasing some new tuneage. Apparently, Lynn signed a contract with Legacy Recordings, and she’s got about 90s songs that are getting ready to see the light of day. She’s recording some new numbers, as well as reworkings of her old classics, and she’s also going to record some Appalachian folk songs she learned from her mother while growing up in Butcher Holler, Ky. No word on an official release date, but it’s cool to note that the tracks are being produced by Lynn’s daughter, Patsy Lynn Russell, and John Carter Cash. Head to Rolling Stone to get more info on that.

FKA Twigs on Fallon

FKA Twigs has been a fairly ubiquitous name on the music blogs for the past few months since the release of her first full-length record
LP1. There were moments where I’d listen to clips of her songs here and there, and couldn’t understand why people were so obsessed. However, after recently watching a clip of her US television debut on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” I might have to rethink that assessment. Her performance is … in a word … extraordinary. Her voice just translates so well, and the visuals (though minimal) are stunning. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look below.

A horror master’s ditties

John Carpenter has always had a soft spot in my heart, not only for directing my all-time favorite horror film (
Halloween), but also for composing the theme song to said horror franchise. That melody is forever embedded within American culture, whether you like it or not. Now, Mr. Carpenter is gearing up to release a collection of compositions, titled Lost Themes, which were recorded at his home. That hits stores and online markets on Feb. 3, 2015, but Carpenter has already shared the record’s opening track (“Vortex”), which you can hear below. Enjoy!

She ain’t pretending

I’m sure most of humanity knows that Chrissie Hynde has one of the greatest voices ever. And now she’s lending her vocals to the upcoming Paul McCartney tribute record (
The Art of McCartney). Considering “Let It Be” is probably my favorite Beatles track, this is especially exciting. And though her cover doesn’t have the same spirit as the original, the intent is there, and the heart of the track is still the same. And really, could we ask for anything more? Have a listen to that below, and look for the album on Nov. 18. PS: An unreleased Paul McCartney tune (“Love My Baby”) recently surfaced. Click here to give that a listen.

A few more pumpkins to smash

It was a while back that The Smashing Pumpkins announced they were coming out with a new record (
Moments to an Elegy), which will see that bright orb in the sky shining down on its plastic casing on Dec. 9. But the band has already made album track “One and All” available for fans and listeners in general. You know, because they have a pretty big following, right? Either way, have a listen to that little number over at Pitchfork.

Where them ugly boys at?

If you like your rap “ugly,” weird and full of some fake blood, then this next video is definitely one for your collection of YouTube favorites. Die Antwoord, aka Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er, provides all the aforementioned accoutrements as well as cameos by some notable folks, including Jack Black, Marilyn Manson, Flea (of Red Hot Chili Peppers), pinup and burlesque performer Dita Von Teese and actress/model Cara Delevingne. The video is for the song “
Ugly Boy,” which comes off their latest LP Donker Mag, which is out and about. Have a looksie below.

Orton’s going down the “River”

Most fans of Joni Mitchell know the song “River.” It’s beautiful, melancholy and full of the kind of songwriting spirit that only Mitchell could perfect. Well, her and Karen Dalton, but that’s neither here nor there. Singer-songwriter Beth Orton has provided a beautiful cover of the song that’s a standout of its own merit. But enough chatter; head to
Stereogum to give that a listen.
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