Rooster Roundabout: This Week’s Music Highlights

Mark Lopez
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Rooster Roundabout: This weekÕs music highlights
(Jesse Schulz)
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Ragtime Roxanne

In case you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check out the barbershop quartet videos by The Ragtime Gals on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” My personal favorite is their version of R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix).” Their latest featured none other than Sting himself for a lovely version of
The Police’s “Roxanne.” Though it showed on Fallon last Friday, there’s no better time than the present to relive an old classic with a little flair and gusto. Have a looksie at that below.

A Honeymoon and a surprise

For you folks who are sitting in your living rooms, depressed and re-listening to last year’s hits, wondering where some of the hard-charging divas of the indie scene have gone, you can rest easy. Grimes, who’s made quite a name for herself within the past few years, has announced that she’s coming out with her new record,
to be surprise released in October. And in responding to fans on Twitter, she says all of the songs will be “super different,” yet need to be heard all together. So keep your eyes peeled. Also, Lana Del Rey has announced that her new record Honeymoon will drop sometime in September. So those are two monster records that you have coming your way. Now get your fingers out of that bag of Cheeto puffs and remember that there are some things worth waiting for … even if they seem so far away.

It’s not really Jenny

Jenny Lewis has released a music video to the second single from her latest album
The Voyager . The video for “She’s Not Me” features Lewis as different characters from her film career. Troop Beverly Hills , anyone? PS: You can find the whole movie on YouTube, what what! There’s also a nod to her guest appearance on “Golden Girls,” with Zosia Mamet and Fred Armisen making appearances. It’s got a lot. The only thing you can really do is watch. So have at it below.

Chrissybaby is back!

Those bands and their surprise albums! Christopher Owens (of the late, great Girls) has released a new record
Chrissybaby Forever online. It’s his third solo outing, and it’ll see a physical release in August. Still, I’m a little peeved. Why surprise us with a digital release? I’m always excited for new music, but I’m the kind of person that likes a physical copy. So now I have to fall in love with it, and then wait two more months before I can jam out to it on my stereo. Ugh. Either way. Thank you, Christopher, you gorgeous human being, you. Have a listen to that below.

The depression beach

Beach House was one of those bands that was constantly being whispered about around me. Every time I heard the name, I’d get really excited and say, “What! You have a beach house?! Where and when?” Then they’d clarify. Upon giving them a further listen, I found their brand of dream pop to be beautiful and hypnotizing, but definitely not something I could listen to every day. Regardless, the duo (consisting of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally) has announced a new record (titled
Depression Cherry ), which is set to come out on Aug. 28, and according to the band, it sees a “return to simplicity, with songs structured around melody and a few instruments.” To read more ’bout it, head to Consequence of Sound. And to get you all excited, have a listen to their entire record “Bloom” below.

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