Rowdy’s Dream Blog #109: I Need To Buy Some Eggs

Brutus De Cervantes
1 min read
RowdyÕs Dream Blog #109: I Need to Buy Some Eggs
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I need to buy some eggs. I step into a little corner shop that I fear is a little too upscale and likely to be expensive. There is no food in sight. A woman with a Martha Stewart hairdo steps out from behind a curtain to help me. I tell her I want a half dozen eggs. She lifts a fancy doily cloth and selects some eggs. They are very small and flecked with blue and red spots. She places them in a paper napkin for me. As I wait at the cash register the eggs fall out of my left hand and break on the floor. I throw the goopy napkin down on the counter in disgust. Two eggs have survived – they are both the size of marbles. The woman returns to get me some more. She tells me this time I should hold them in my right hand.
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