Rowdy’s Dream Blog #135: My Brother Has Transformed Into A Super-Viking

Brutus De Cervantes
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RowdyÕs Dream Blog #135: My Brother has Transformed into a Super-Viking
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I am trapped in the darkened halls of a deserted, contaminated and condemned research facility. I can’t seem to find a working light switch. I feel my way around a corner and into a room bright with fluorescent light. There along the wall, sitting at a cluttered desk is a pleasant-looking woman in business attire. I ask her why she is still here. She tells me she knows that her life is threatened by staying but is resigned to her duty to remain and be cheerful. I leave her there and somehow find my way outside into a dark, cold and snowy night. I get an overhead view of a huge, winged dragon as it swoops down to destroy the facility with fire. On its first pass, it slays all the cattle that had been standing around the building. Suddenly, out of a bolt of lightening, my brother appears. He has transformed into some sort of super-Viking. He is bearded and wears hairy animal skins with a horned helmet. A blue-glowing aura surrounds him and reflects on the snow. He begins to taunt the beast. Gaining its full attention, he throws his glowing sword directly into the creature’s mouth. The enraged dragon’s furious attempt to produce flames causes it to catch on fire and burn down into a pile of embers. I decide to head back home. My roommate is some teenager with long blond hair who never wears a shirt. Supermodels have been hanging around our apartment all day. First one, then all four of them are topless. They perform a well-rehearsed song and dance number for him in front of the blaring TV. From his lounging posture on the couch he explains to me that he has spent the whole afternoon drinking, smoking, and taking the dress off of "Mare", his main supermodel. He describes for me how they got all sweaty together and how the dress stuck to her back.
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