Rowdy’s Dream Blog #161: I Am Member Of A Singing Trio.

Brutus De Cervantes
1 min read
RowdyÕs Dream Blog #161: I am member of a singing trio.
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I am member of a singing trio. We are the entertainment for a big party. Everyone loves our close harmonies, snappy banter and jazzy tunes. During an interlude I grab my mic and begin an impromptu shtick wherein I ask to borrow a guest’s yellow raincoat, hat and boots. Donning the loaned items, I launch into a comical song about how I don’t care what the hell __ says or does (because, you see, I am already dressed and ready for the fallout). This was to be the punch line of my musical joke, but it falls quite flat. In fact by this time no one pays any attention to me. I notice David Spade hiding under a chair. I explain to him that I had not been prepared and was trying to wing it. He congratulates me on my explanation of the obvious.
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