Rowdy’s Dream Blog #168: I Go To The Grocery Store.

Brutus De Cervantes
1 min read
RowdyÕs Dream Blog #168: I go to the grocery store.
(Jungle Jim's International Market)
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G and I go to the grocery store. It’s a small one, up some stairs on the second floor of little shop. It is lit with dim, strobing florescent lights. She brings me a cart and leaves to find the items on her list. I have some trouble with the cart. It wants to collapse flat on the floor and won’t stay extended unless I hold tight onto the handle and another bar on the side. I wheel over to the refrigerator case and select a large slab of Monterey jack wrapped like a steak. I have to crawl all the way into the case to find the one I want and then it is difficult to get back out. I wheel around to another isle and find G standing there, naked. I am delighted to see her this way, but must quickly let the cart go and hold her as a guy wheels past our isle, slowing to stare.
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