Rowdy’s Dream Blog #185: A Giant Flying Wing

Brutus De Cervantes
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RowdyÕs Dream Blog #185: A Giant Flying Wing
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I ride aboard a giant flying wing. It flies along on auto-pilot, rising and falling through the clouds, heading into the sunset. Aboard are 6 or 7 beautiful women, all but one of whom are nude. The ship’s Captain heads an exclusive society whose purpose is to "learn as much as we possibly can." The woman who has not yet undressed has managed to wrangle a dinner invitation from the Captain, though such familiarity is not in keeping with the society’s principles. We encounter some small planes heading toward us from the West. They quickly dive and climb to avoid hitting us. I watch all this from a large, circular observation window and worry as we begin to drift closer to a huge tree. The ship begins to pitch and roll.
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