Rowdy’s Dream Blog #37

Seafood Soup And Cookies

Brutus De Cervantes
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RowdyÕs Dream Blog #37
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My band leader decides abruptly to end our performances at a club. We leave the stage and cross a small, indoor wooden bridge. We clink down a steep, dark stairway and join the Chinese club owner in a dim booth in his restaurant. My boss offers to buy the old gentleman’s antique guitar, easily worth $23K, for $30. I counter with an offer of $40, to which my boss allows: "he can use it better than I can." I extract the $40 from my bulging wallet. I have been eating some kind of seafood soup and cookies. A young Chinese man seated next to me wants to add a pinch of his secret flavors to my soup. I tell him not to bother since I am not a connoisseur. He urges me to order the __ cookie. I call for the waitress.
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