Rowdy’s Dream Blog #41

Kombucha-Like Elixir

Brutus De Cervantes
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RowdyÕs Dream Blog #41
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I am deep in a forest and am seated with a large group listening to a charismatic leader speak. He extolls the virtues of a kombucha-like elixir. There is another group that uses another kind, but his is supposedly much better. I am hailed and embraced by an old friend. She has just arrived with a faction that uses neither. Their leader is also charismatic, but mainly because of his courage and honesty. Interrupting my leader, he tells the whole crowd that both preparations are worse than useless, at first giving an energy boost but later leaching vitamins from the body. I am the first to leave with him, shouting "It’s all the same!" We arrive at a barbarian camp where a woman lies beaten to death. The leader explains that her life has been traded for that of a 3-year-old child’s who was being killed with the elixir.
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